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B2B Blog of the Week: COLOURLovers

TopLineFounder | September 27, 2011

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ColourloversToday’s B2B Blog of the Week goes to the COLOURLovers business blog. Produced by the team behind Twitter profile customisation programme, Themeleon, the blog focuses on colour trends, new products and inspirational ideas for business.

The best part of this blog is that it promotes exactly what you would expect – colour.  It explains how simple common-or-garden tools, such as business cards, can be jazzed up, making them stand out from the crowd and ensuring that you stick in the minds of potential clients. Remember, first impressions matter.

A recent post from COLOURLovers on the topic of the QR code was particularly interesting. Most people now know what a QR code is, but for those who don’t, QR codes are a form of 2D barcode initially created to track information and store large amounts of data.

In the last year the QR code has evolved. Marketers have begun adding them to their promotional material and encouraging people to use them as live links to various websites and campaigns. Despite their seeming potential, QR codes seem to be at an impasse as consumers aren’t catching on to the technology as quickly as expected. The COLOURLovers blog suggests that, if the QR code is to survive, flourish, and achieve the world-domination that was once predicted for it, then businesses need to get creative.  The blog depicts plenty of vibrant examples and links readers through to a number of suggested articles, explaining and discussing the technology further.

While the number of channels on the COLOURLovers main site can be a bit confusing (they have overlapping blog streams including ‘wedding’, ‘home, ‘fashion’, ‘web’, ‘print’, ‘craft’ and ‘business’), the topics are engaging, and an active community contributing frequent comments, elevates the content beyond simple commentary.

Guest post by Charlotte Ward



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